About Us

Domiland is a metaverse developed by young Dominicans passionate about exponential technologies.


This project is being developed by Nolim Studios, an Interactive Simulation and Video Game Development company in the Dominican Republic.

From gaming to medical, production, and more, Nolim Studios is the solution to create world-class immersive and interactive experiences in record time to bring products and ideas to life.

Years of Experience
Awards & Honors

Meet our great team

Ymanol Martinez

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Yismel Duverge

COO - Chief Operating Officer

Asahel Orozco

Software Developer

ElĂ­as Bautista

Animator and 3d modeler

A new way of seeing the Dominican Republic, Domiland brings the best of the island to our metaverse.

My Experience

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Digital Marketing Consultant

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Senior Digital Marketing

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Social Media Manager

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Freelance Marketing

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What People Say

Some people tell us what it means to them that the Dominican Republic has its metaverse.

I don't go out much and I can't get to know many places in the Dominican Republic, so this would be a good option.
Oliver Baez
Very interesting way of interacting with others in a different and at the same time advanced way.
Eridania Perez
I love it, and I know that the applications that it will have are very revolutionary, in addition to being entertaining because it is like playing.
Josmer Peralta
It is highly improved because it provides a greater virtual presence and supports tourism by offering a virtual vision of the beauties of the country.
Wilyereny Lorenzo
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