We have a Token!

Created under the ERC20 standard (the same that uses other tokens, such as USDT).

Created under the ERC20 standard (the same that uses other tokens, such as USDT)

The Nolim Coin

We have developed our currency, this will allow you to buy assets within the world and receive profits as well, we emphasize that transactions inside and outside the metaverse maintain this currency. In addition to this, you can connect with our company to access private resources and personalized services, all this to ensure the highest possible stability.

Why The Nolim Coin?

THE NOLIM COIN (TNC) is our main utility token that allows you to buy and sell LANDS and ASSETS in The Domiland metaverse, although you will also be able to hold them using your normal transactions as you always have.

Our NFT Collections

We have designed some NFTs collections so that you can buy them, sell them and make all the transactions you want, both inside and outside our metaverse, with this they will not only be digital assets, but they will also be part of you as active members.

Know a little about the ERC-20

The ERC-20 is a protocol consisting of a set of individual guidelines. With ERC-20 tokens are created on the Ethereum blockchain and use its technology. The main cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum network is Ether, but this does not mean that other tokens cannot exist on it, such as Nolim Coin. So, in simpler terms, ERC-20s are tokens like ours that have been built on and use the Ethereum network.

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